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Managing Pain and Inflammation

PAIN AND INFLAMMATION MANAGEMENTAcute or short-term inflammation is a normal immune response triggered by factors such as tissue injury or pathogens. Long-term, chronic inflammation, however, is associated with pain and Read More

March is National Nutrition Month!

Ask around and you’ll find that most people know the basic meaning of nutrition. It refers to keeping your body healthy, right? Even though the definition of nutrition is pretty Read More

Pass the Cake, A New Year of Health

New Years resolution purification program Read More

HAND WASHING: This Is What Professionals Do

Handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Learn when and how you should wash your hands to stay healthy. Wash Your Hands Read More

Improve Your Immune System Fast

The immune system is your body’s primary mechanism of defense, responsible for protecting you from potentially harmful invaders. It is made up of various cells, tissues, and substances including the Read More

Changes to DOT Drug Testing Policy in 2020

2020 DOT Federal Drug Testing Changes Do you own your own company or work under an entity under DOT? Did you know that federal DOT is changing how they monitor and Read More

Top 6 Supplements for Mental Health

Throughout life, many individuals experience mental health issues that can impact their mood, thoughts, behavior, and quality of life. Supporting good overall health by engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining Read More

Top Supplements to Improve Digestion

Did you know that your intestinal lining alone has a surface area of about 400m2? The health of your digestive system is essential to ensure proper digestion and absorption of Read More

Healthy Aging and Longevity Month

According to the World Health Organization, by 2020, chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes are expected to account for approximately 60% of diseases worldwide. Fortunately, Read More

Change habits. Change lives. Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program

Change habits. Change lives.Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program Are you ready for a change in your routine? Spring is a great time to restart your diet, exercise, and HEALTH. This program Read More

5 Steps to Better Health

5 Steps to Better HealthStandard Process 21-Day Purification ProgramDo you know someone that struggles with healthy eating? Is this person you? Making positive changes to your diet is challenging and Read More

Men's Health

What every man should know about their health!Every Man Needs to Know!Does your husband, father, or brother take active steps to protect their health? If you are like most of Read More

Go 'Back to Basics' to Prevent and Relieve Low-Back Pain

Go 'Back to Basics' to Prevent and Relieve Low-Back PainDr. John Curry Participates in National Public Awareness Campaign  Petersburg, IL.— Dr. Curry is joining chiropractors nationwide during National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM) Read More

Viewing 17 - 30 out of 30 posts